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Applying to Kickstart only takes 5 minutes and we promise it 
will be time well spent. Our applications are easy and designed to help
us understand more about your background. Apply below by October 21st.

Team Formation Bootcamp

16-18 November

In partnership with Startup Weekend, we kick off with a weekend of ideas, networking and creative mayhem. The idea is simple: find a problem you want to solve and form a team with other students.


Learn how to validate your idea and create a minimum viable product


Understand how to scale and retain customers for your product


What does success look like? Map out your KPIs and milestones


Hone your skills of presenting your vision and product in its entirety

10 Week Curriculum

November 2018 - February 2019

We have worked closely with our mentors to create a curriculum that teaches
our teams the fundamental keys to startup success, and challenges them to
develop their ideas in creative environments.


Path to startup success

What Why How

Understanding your market

Mapping out an MVP

Building pre-launch interest

Connecting with people to learn/grow

Scaling and retaining customers

Pitch bootcamp


March 2019

 After 10 weeks of mentorship and workshops, you will be ready to pitch at our demo day. This is your opportunity to show what you've done to a room of London's top people in VC, startups and more.

 This year's top team will be flown all expenses paid to Princeton University to compete in Tigerlaunch, the largest student entrepreneurship competition in the US. Prizes total up to $30,000 


April 2019

Join our community of alumni

Kickstart London goes beyond demo day...we are a community of 
students, startups, VCs, entrepreneurs and more across London. By taking
part in our program, you will benefit from this community long after
the program has finished.